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TKT CLIL PRIMARY course is a professional development course designed for:

* teachers of English at primary level
* teachers of other subjects at primary level whose English is at B2 level or higher

Add a new teaching skill to your portfolio!
Learn to plan and run lessons which combine English and other subjects taught in English!
Share lesson ideas with the course participants -  primary teachers of English and primary teachers of other subjects in English!
Get an international qualification from Cambridge English!

Is this a course for me?

This is the perfect professional development course for you if:
  • your English is at B2 level or higher
  • you teach or want to teach English through other subjects at  primary level
  • you teach or are qualified to teach other subjects and want to teach them in English at  primary level
  • you want to learn about CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and get an international certificate TKT CLIL (primary & secondary levels)
  • you are or want to be a CLIL coordinator at your school
  • you want to evaluate, design and share lesson ideas and resources for teaching other subjects in English and teaching English through other subjects

What are my takeaways?

Upgrade your professional skills:
  • learn to teach other subjects in English (for teachers of other subjects)
  • learn to teach English through other subjects (for teachers of English)
  • learn to design materials, activities and lesson plans that combine teaching English and other subjects
  • get an international qualification: the TKT CLIL certificate from Cambridge English

How is the course organised?

6-10 hours of self-study practice: online 

6 training days in Warsaw (10am - 5:45pm)
6 training hours a day (180 minutes * lunchtime break * 180 minutes)
6 hours of self-study practice: prepping for TKT CLIL exam 
36 hours of inspiring hands-on workshops to learn about CLIL methods and design CLIL materials

12 hours of designing lesson plan project & its presentation (individual or group assignment)
80-minute TKT CLIL exam session [optional]

6-12 trainees per group

When and where is the course organised?

Before the course: 14 days before the course starts you get access to online resources - study from home before the course

The course: you take part in 6 days of workshops in Warsaw

Day 1 Saturday June 24 10:30 -16:50
Warsaw, Al. Niepodległosci 217/8
Day 2 Sunday June 25
Day 3 Monday June 26
Day 4 Tuesday June 27
Day 5 Wednesday June 28
Day 6 Thursday June 29

Map of a training day:

10:30 - 12:00   Workshops part 1 (90 mins)
break (20 mins)
12:20  - 13:20   Workshops part 2 (60 mins)
lunchtime break (40 mins) 
14:00  - 15:30   Workshops part 3 (90 mins) 
break (20 mins)
15:50  - 16:50  Workshops part 4 (60 mins)

After the course: 

  • finish off the lesson plan group assignment that you started during the course (submission deadline: Friday, July 7th)
  • take the TKT CLIL exam (exam session: Friday, June 30th  or Saturday, August 26th - at the  Accredited Cambridge English Exam Centre Lang - Al. Niepodległości 217/8, Warsaw )
More questions?
Send us an email:

What do I do complete the course successfully?

Certificate of Course Completion
issued by 
Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli Lang
by the Ministry of Education)
course attendance: 90%
online tasks: pass
lesson design assignment: pass
Cambridge English
Teaching Qualification 
the TKT CLIL certificate
80 minutes
80 multiple-choice questions
Exam sessions:
Friday, June 30th  or Saturday, August 26th
the  Accredited Cambridge English Exam Centre Lang - Al. Niepodległości 217/8 Warsaw

30-60 days after the exam session

registration fee:
220 PLN

registration deadlines:
 for the June exam session: May 15th
for the August session: July 7th 

Who are the trainers?


Milada Krajewska
Beata Palińska
Joanna Kołakowska
Małgorzata Mróz

  • passionate teachers  
  • experienced in teaching primary (and secondary) learners
  • Directors of Studies
  • Warsaw University lecturers
  • teacher trainers
  • primary and secondary ELT authors & consultants
  • with over a dozen years of experience

Where does the course/exam take place?

Warszawa, Al. Niepodległości 217/8

centrally located in Warsaw:
within walking-distance
from Dworzec Centralny,
Pałac Kultury & Metro Politechnika
  • comfy training rooms
  • air-conditioning
  • Internet access
  • kitchen facilities

What is included in the price? How do I pay? When do I register?


The COURSE fee 1,190 PLN includes: 

- materials and online resources
- tuition and assessment
- coffee break refreshments


1. Sign up through the registration form below  - COURSE registration ends on June 16th, 2017


2. Afer you get a COURSE registration confirmation email from us with the bank account number, pay the TKT CLIL COURSE fee (1,190 PLN). 
The payment deadline: 3 working days after registering online and no later than June 21st, 2017.

3. Invoices are issued on request.


The TKT CLIL exam registration fee for the course participants is 220 PLN. 
Registering for and taking the exam is optional.
Exam registration ends on May 15th, 2017 (for the June 30th session) and on July 7th, 2017 (for the August 26th session), respectively.


Step 1:
Register for the exam online - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE EXAM
Choose the paper-based exam option.
The registration form displays the regular exam fee only (270 PLN). Select this option.
You are eligible for a discount rate (220 PLN) so in the INNA ZNIŻKA box write: TKT CLIL COURSE.

Step 2:
Afer you get a registration confirmation email from us with the bank account number, pay the TKT CLIL exam discount rate (220 PLN).
The payment deadline: 7 days after registering online.
Invoices are issued on request.

Step 3:
Send a bank transfer/payment confirmation to:

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COURSE Terms of Sevice - Regulamin KURSU

Ask questions: