Exam English courses (FCE, CAE, CPE)


We are an Authorized Platinum Cambridge English Exam Centre, the second largest in Poland.

Teachers of exam courses are the best of the best. Many of them are examiners, and this is the advantage of our school!

The School Coordinator knows each and every student’s needs and almost everything about Cambridge exams.
The Director of Studies who supervises our courses is an active Cambridge English examiner, who teaches exam courses regularly and takes your needs into account. They will suggest the fastest route for you in order to pass an exam e.g. First, Advanced or Proficiency exams.
Our students are goal-oriented. They choose us because of the Exam Centre and our specialization..
Our team will make sure you feel our homely atmosphere & have some fresh biscuits.

Join us to prepare well for your exam!

FCE, CAE, CPE prep courses TWICE A WEEK
  First (FCE) Advanced (CAE) Proficiency (CPE)
First class 29.02
Number of people in the group 5-8
Number of lesson hours (45 mins) 60
Days & times 2x90 min.
Days & times Tue/Thu 17:55 Mon/Wed 17:55 or
  Tue/Thu 17:55
Mon/Wed 19:35
Price 1599 zł

Do you want to prepare for FCE or a CAE exam really quickly? Choose the EXPRESS option!
FCE, CAE prep courses ONCE A WEEK

FCE, CAE prep courses ONCE A WEEK
First class 5.03 4.03 5.03 4.03
Number of people in the group 5-8
Number of lesson hours (45 mins) 60 30 60 30
Intensity of lessons during the week 1x 180 min. 1x135 min. 1x 180 min. 1x135 min.
Days & times Sat 9:30 Fri 17:30 Sat 9:00 Fri17:30
Price 1599 zł 899 zł 1599 zł 899 zł

It’s possible to pay in installments.
The price of the the coursebook and the Cambridge English exam are not included in the price of the course.

Our courses are supervised by a team of Directors of Studies and Cambridge English Examiners from Cambridge English Exam Centre Lang LTC.

Our students register for the exams individually and receive a 10% exam fee discount in our Accredited Platinum Cambridge English Exam Centre Lang LTC.

FCE, CAE and CPE prep courses

During the course we review and supplement language structures, improve exam strategies, practice speaking and writing in exam contexts whilst working with a student’s exam book. Exam preparation lasts two semesters. Each semester equals 60 lessons (1 lesson = 45min). You can have lessons once a week (Saturday) or twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday).

Our original course programme includes regular homework tasks (including exam writing tasks, reading and listening) and ‘micro mock exams’.

FCE EXPRESS and CAE EXPRESS prep courses

During the intensive courses we focus on authentic exam tests. Regular feedback from the teacher allows each of the students to focus on the areas that require their particular attention. It’s an ideal and practical solution for people whose language skills are at the required exam level (FCE: B2 or CAE: C1) and want to learn how to tackle various exam tasks and get used to exam format. Classes are held once a week. The course is 30 lessons long (1 lesson = 45min).

Our original course programme includes regular homework tasks (including exam writing tasks, reading and listening) and ‘micro mock exams’.


ATTENTION! Changes to Cambridge English Exams were made in 2015.
Learn more about the changes here.

Assessing your level precisely and choosing the best exam prep course for you is really important to us.
Please contact us – kursy@lang.com.pl. We’ll send you an online placement test, ask you to write a short exam-style task and invite you to a meeting with our Director of Studies, who is also a Cambridge Examiner. During this meeting you will get a recommendation of the course best suited to your needs, that will ensure a steady development of your language skills and the shortest route towards your exam success.