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Hey there - good to see you again :)
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Hanna Zięba - Teach kindness in English

Gosia Kwiatkowska - Using audio recordings with online students 

Sandy Millin - Scrap paper energisers

Margarita Kosior - Silent discussion

Bartek Sitnicki - Revision lesson gamified 

Katarzyna Wiącek - POST-IT notes in action

Monika Izbaner - Much ado about...

Małgorzata Mansoor - Memory in and around

Magdalena Dygała - Lesson video adventures

Milena Jastrzębska & Mateusz Jakubczyk - Head to head with memorable reading

Łukasz Knap - Creative hashtags

Dorota Sobczyńska - Conversations with English speakers for kids KIDSPEAK

Magdalena Dygała - Go multisensory 

Daria Domagała - How to squeeze the juice out of online lessons

Renata Dobrowolska - By heart - lighthearted

Svitlana Antoniuk - Colour the map 

Cares Diaz Farre - Going global - Mystery Skype & 24hr Global Blind Date 

Małgorzata Mróz - Energetic drilling

Urszula Kropaczewska - Action - crafts - chants

Joanna Pawłowska - Q&A Trivia

Adriana Kamienik - A fun way to engage kids in storytelling

And the MASTERCHEF winning ideas came from ... VINS DE PRIMEUR TEAM - Congratulations to Ola, Zuzana and Lana :)


If you want to spend a January Sunday with us, there is a special discount waiting for you, TWIST'16 participants :)
On January 21st, at Lang in Warsaw we are meeting for a day of workshops.
Roza banner
- relaxation techniques & the teacher's voice
with Róża Cieślińska- Dziekiewicz (in Polish)
More info here:łos
Special discount registration link for you:


This is coming by popular demand :)
If you haven't yet, but would like to, you can still get access to the video recording of the concurrent sessions (workshops, swapshops and flash talks). The conference participants can use their special price (35PLN).

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