Our ONLINE CELTA courses help you get the international teaching qualification from Cambridge English which allows yu to teach face-to-face and online - we cover both contexts.

The course is conducted 100% ONLINE, and includes Teaching Practice on ZOOM.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:



The most internationally recognized English Language Teaching certificate in the world.

Quality control - the highest standards assured by Cambridge English Language Assessment.

It's a fusion of theory and practice - combines practical approach to methodology and extensive supervised teaching practice. In order to find out more about the course, please see CELTA Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines


Everyone! It was originally intended as an introductory course for people with little or no previous English language teaching experience or training. However, its unique blend of theory and practice, especially the teaching practice component, makes it ideal for the novice and the expert alike. Whether you are looking to brush up on your skills, reinvigorate your career or start a new chapter, the CELTA is for you!

It will give you the skills and confidence to teach English to adults whether you’re a recent graduate or looking for a career change or a seasoned professional.

If you want more information on accreditation, course requirements and Cambridge English, the link below is an excellent source:


WHY LANG Language Training Centre? 
We have been a major force on the Polish ELT scene for over 25 years, enjoying fruitful relationships with PASE (Polish Association for Standards in Language Education) since 2002 and Cambridge since 2009. A thriving Cambridge English Examination Centre for the last 9 years, we have enjoyed the status of a Platinum Centre since 2013, the highest accolade accorded by Cambridge.
Platinum Centre RGB smallPASE

We are a respected teacher training centre, the force behind popular initiatives such as TWIST, PLANetarium, LESSON FESTIVAL and STORYlicious. We cooperate with over 300 teachers all over Poland as well as 60 internationally renowned corporate clients and 30 partnership schools.

We combine professionalism with a friendly face, the highest standards with an ethics of care.
We have locations in downtown Warsaw.

Choose Warsaw:

over 300 language schools where you can find employment

reasonable living costs (especially accommodation) with all the attractions of a capital city

quick and cheap access to other European capitals and countries.

a window onto a unique culture, history and landmarks – here is another great guide: 


warsaw 787880 1280  warszawa2  warsaw 3



By all means - if you meet the following criteria from Cambridge:

    If you have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education.

    If you are aged 20 or over.

    If you have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels,  minimum C1+.

These criteria are assessed at an interview and during the application process.

1. Submit your application online.
2. Take part in an interview (face-to-face in Warsaw or via Skype).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:
+48 22 115 25 56

Here you can find some sample comments from some of our amazing trainees…
"The best and the most useful course I've ever taken. It has changed my way of thinking about teaching English."

"I really enjoyed the experience - thanks to the tutors and my co-trainees. It's really worth your while to take the course if you treat teaching English seriously. There's no better way to get trained in the profession!"

“Thank you for your cool INPUT sessions and most of all for your belief in me and making me realise my STRENGTHS.”

“Thank you for the outstanding course. It really is no stretch to say that it was a life saving course.”

“Thank you for not throwing me out of the window. Although, in retrospect, that might have left my brain intact”

You can read more on the course itself and it's impact on our trainees who published in The Teacher magazine we highly recommend:

ASInsight from CELTA- Aeddan Shaw, CELTA tutor
ania SThe course from the perspective of a trainee, Anna Stawska
mmThe course from the perspective of a trainee, Małgorzata Mróz
rwCELTA - the perspective of na experienced teacher- Radosław Waluda
AASThe CELTA program and current trends in linguistics - Aeddan Shaw

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We are launching the NEW ONLINE EDITION of the TKT Young Learners course:
* 100% ONLINE
* October 2017 - February 2018
* sign up now
* more details soon
* certificates from ODN Lang, Oxford University & Cambridge English


TKT Young Learners course is a professional development course designed for:

* teachers of English at primary school level (children aged 6-12)
teachers of English who want to retrain to teach English to young learners (aged 6-12) 

* fluent speakers of English (minimal level: B1+/B2) who want to teach English at primary school level (children aged 6-12)

Add a new teaching skill to your portfolio!
Learn or revise the basics of teaching English to children through practical activities and hands-on workshops!
Get inspired and share teaching ideas with the trainers and course participants!
Learn how to prepare children for international exams: Cambridge English YLE TESTs!

Get an international qualification from Cambridge English (face-to-face course) and a certificate from University of Oxford (online course)!


Is this a course for me?

This is the perfect professional development course for you if:
  • your English is at B1+/B2 level or higher
  • you teach or you want to teach English to young learners (aged 6-12)
  • you want to learn the principles of teaching English to children through a rich variety of practical lesson ideas 
  • you want to prepare young learners for international exams YLE TEST
Previous experience in teaching children or teaching English not required, but useful.

What are my takeaways?

Upgrade your professional skills:

  • learn to teach English to young learners (6-12)
  • learn to prepare children English for exams 
  • learn to plan and run lessons for young learners (6-12)
  • get an international qualification: the TKT Young Learners certificate from Cambridge English Language Assessment (optional)
  • get an international qualification: the Teaching English to Young Learners certificate from University of Oxford (optional)

How is the course organised?


30 hours of self-study practice online
NB: what you manage to do online before and during the course is enough to prepare for the TKT YL test (we help you manage your pre-course and during-the-course online study time with our course map)  = whatever online study you decide to do after the course [you get access to the online platform for 12 months] helps you get the additional Oxford University certificate 


6 hours
a day (+ lunchtime break)

5 training days (2.5 weekends)

24 hours of inspiring fun workshops

5 hours of lesson plan presentations

20-minute presentation of your lesson


1-day mini-conference chock-full of lesson ideas - LESSON FESTIVAL - lessons for young learners

-minute TKT YL exam session [optional]


trainees per group


When and where is the course organised?

The TKT Young Learners course is a blended learning experience - it consists of 2 components:

  • the self-study online practice: before the course you get a 12-month access to an online course which takes 30 hours to complete

NB: what you manage to do online before and during the course is enough to prepare for the TKT YL test (we help you manage your pre-course and during-the-course online study time with our course map) = whatever online study you decide to do after the course helps you get the additional Oxford University certificate 

  • the face-to-face course: you take part in 5 days of workshops and a mini-conference - LESSON FESTIVAL (day 6) in Warsaw 


 Day 1  Saturday  April 8 10am-5:45 pm Warsaw, Al. Niepodległosci 217/8 
 Day 2 Sunday  April 9 10am-5:45 pm Warsaw, Al. Niepodległosci 217/8
 Day 3 Saturday  April 22 10am-5:45 pm Warsaw, Al. Niepodległosci 217/8
 Day 4 Sunday  April 23 10am-5:45 pm Warsaw, Al. Niepodległosci 217/8
 Day 5 Saturday  May 20 10am-5:45 pm Warsaw, Al. Niepodległosci 217/8
 Day 6 LESSON FESTIVAL   Sunday  May 21 10am-1:00pm Warsaw, ul. Zielna 39

Map of a regular training day:

10:00 - 11:30 Workshops part 1 (90 mins)
break (30 mins)

12:00 - 13:30 Workshops part 2 (90 mins)
lunchtime break (45 mins) 

14:15 - 15:45 Workshops part 3 (90 mins)
break (30 mins)

16:15 - 17:45
 Workshops part 4 (90 mins)


More questions?  tkt@lang.com.pl

What do I do to complete the course successfully?

Certificate of Course Completion
issued by 
Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli Lang
by the Ministry of Education)
min. 90% : face-to-face course attendance
min. 90% : the online course sessions completed
TEACH for YLE  Certificate
issued by 
Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli Lang
by the Ministry of Education)
min. 90% : face-to-face course attendance
min. 90% : the online course sessions completed
min. PASS: course assignment  (lesson plan + lesson plan presentation)
Cambridge English
Teaching Qualification 
the TKT YL certificate
80 minutes
80 multiple-choice questions
Exam session:
June 11, 2017 (Sunday)
the  Accredited Cambridge English Exam Centre Lang LTC - Al. Niepodległości 217/8 Warsaw

* You can also take the exam at a later date - during the August session


30-60 days after the exam session

registration fee:

registration deadline:
 April 21, 2017

Oxford University
Department of Continuing Education

Certificate of Completion
of the online course
Teaching English to Young Learners 
8 writing tasks 
to the 8 sessions
of the online course
Complete writing sections in the Evidence of Learning journal
(access on the platform after you log in) and submit them for evaluation
if you want to obtain a Certificate of Completion from Oxford Univeristy.

At the end of each online session in the course
there is a choice of two writing tasks to complete (8 in total).

You do not have to complete the Evidence of Learning journal
if you do not wish to receive a certificate.

within 6 weeks of submitting

 deadline for submission:
12 months
after getting
access code
to the online course


Who are the trainers?


  • passionate teachers  
  • experienced in teaching primary learners
  • Directors of Studies
  • Warsaw University lecturers
  • teacher trainers
  • primary ELT authors & consultants
  • with over a dozen years of experience
Amanda Davies
Marta Godlewska

Joanna Kołakowska
Milada Krajewska
Małgorzata Mróz
Beata Palińska

Where does the course/exam take place?


Warszawa, Al. Niepodległości 217/8

centrally located in Warsaw:
within walking-distance
from Dworzec Centralny,
Pałac Kultury & Metro Politechnika

  • comfy training rooms
  • air-conditioning
  • free WiFi  
  • kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave, coffee machine, tea kettle)

What is included in the price? How do I pay? When do I register?


The COURSE fee includes: 

- materials and resources
- course tuition and assessment
- coffee break refreshments
- participation in the LESSON FESTIVAL mini-conference 
- 12-month access to the online course (self-study) 

Registration deadline: 20 March, 2017
Payment deadline: 27 March, 2017

Questions? tkt@lang.com.pl



Registering for and taking the TKT YL exam is optional.


  • register online and make the payment (instructions below)
  • invoices are issued on request

Exam registration:

Step 1:

Register for the exam here. The registration form displays the regular exam fee only. Select this option. You are eligible for a discount rate so in the INNA ZNIŻKA box write: TKT YL COURSE. 

Step 2:

Afer you get a registration confirmation email from us with the bank account number, pay the TKT YL discount rate (220 PLN). The payment deadline: April 21, 2017.

Step 3:

Send a bank transfer/payment confirmation to: egzaminy@lang.com.pl



Hey there - good to see you again :)
Please scroll all the way down for the workshop and TWIST'16 video recording info!
Click to download the handouts of your choice:

Hanna Zięba - Teach kindness in English

Gosia Kwiatkowska - Using audio recordings with online students 

Sandy Millin - Scrap paper energisers

Margarita Kosior - Silent discussion

Bartek Sitnicki - Revision lesson gamified 

Katarzyna Wiącek - POST-IT notes in action

Monika Izbaner - Much ado about...

Małgorzata Mansoor - Memory in and around

Magdalena Dygała - Lesson video adventures

Milena Jastrzębska & Mateusz Jakubczyk - Head to head with memorable reading

Łukasz Knap - Creative hashtags

Dorota Sobczyńska - Conversations with English speakers for kids KIDSPEAK

Magdalena Dygała - Go multisensory 

Daria Domagała - How to squeeze the juice out of online lessons

Renata Dobrowolska - By heart - lighthearted

Svitlana Antoniuk - Colour the map 

Cares Diaz Farre - Going global - Mystery Skype & 24hr Global Blind Date 

Małgorzata Mróz - Energetic drilling

Urszula Kropaczewska - Action - crafts - chants

Joanna Pawłowska - Q&A Trivia

Adriana Kamienik - A fun way to engage kids in storytelling

And the MASTERCHEF winning ideas came from ... VINS DE PRIMEUR TEAM - Congratulations to Ola, Zuzana and Lana :)


If you want to spend a January Sunday with us, there is a special discount waiting for you, TWIST'16 participants :)
On January 21st, at Lang in Warsaw we are meeting for a day of workshops.
Roza banner
- relaxation techniques & the teacher's voice
with Róża Cieślińska- Dziekiewicz (in Polish)
More info here: http://bit.ly/relaks-i-głos
Special discount registration link for you: http://bit.ly/workshop-discount-and-video-for-TWISTologists


This is coming by popular demand :)
If you haven't yet, but would like to, you can still get access to the video recording of the concurrent sessions (workshops, swapshops and flash talks). The conference participants can use their special price (35PLN).

Use this link: http://bit.ly/workshop-discount-and-video-for-TWISTologists


Take a trip down the Twitter and Instagram Memory Lane in the municipality of TWIST'16 ... HERE

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Korzyści dla Ciebie:

● wyrobienie właściwych nawyków oddechowych

● poszukiwanie swojego naturalnego głosu

● poszukiwanie dobrej postawy ciała i próba pozbycia się napięć w ciele

● nauka redukowania tremy

● zmniejszenie wysiłku głosowego

● radzenie sobie w sytuacjach trudnych i stresujących

  • kameralne grupy - do 12 osób
  • czas na pytania do trenera
  • 100% czasu to praktyczne techniki - inspiracja i przełożenie na codzienność
  • przetestuj i wybróbuj sam/sama
  • nowe kontakty profesjonalne - okazja na nowe spotkania
  • kawa i ciasteczka - klimat 
  • jeden dzień w Warszawie
  • certyfikaty uczestnictwa aprobowane przez Mazowieckie Kuratorium Oświaty


Zapraszam na trening z techniki emisji głosu uwzględniający relaksację, pracę z oddechem, dźwiękiem i prawidłowym wykorzystaniem potencjału głosu.

Nauczyciel pracuje głosem - szczególnie czułym narzędziem, które przeciążone czy nieodpowiednio traktowane, może się zbuntować. Ważna jest umiejętność używania głosu w sposób profesjonalny, by być z zaciekawieniem słuchanym i aby mówienie nigdy nie było problemem czy męczarnią.

Warsztat ma na celu rozwijanie własnego potencjału uczestników i wyposażenie ich w narzędzia pracy z głosem, stresem i wizerunkiem.

Warsztat przeznaczony jest dla wszystkich, którzy chcą poznać swój głos i dzięki temu poznać lepiej siebie. Podczas zajęć przyjrzymy się temu, jakie komunikaty wysyłamy odbiorcy naszą postawą, gestem oraz głosem i czy jest to zgodne z naszą intencją. Skupimy się nad czytelnością komunikatu, jaki wysyłamy odbiorcy, aby móc wyrażać siebie w sposób jasny, pewny, profesjonalny i przede wszystkim naturalny.

Róża Cieślińska - Dziekiewicz


Jako antropolog kultury (IKP UW) - badam, a jako nauczyciel emisji głosu (SWPS) - działam :)

Bez skrępowania i żadnych zahamowani mogę wyznać jedno… jestem dobrym słuchaczem!

Od najmłodszych lat pilnie uczyłam się w szkołach muzycznych: w klasie fortepianu, klarnetu i śpiewu. Później, jak przystało na antropologa kultury, uczestniczyłam w wielu projektach i warsztatach (m.in. teatralnych, dramowych, pantomimicznych, tanecznych, lektorskich, dubbingowych, wokalnych, z techniki Alexandra) i w końcu obroniłam dyplom z kształcenia głosu i mowy.

Dzięki tym wszystkim doświadczeniom nastroiłam swoje ucho tak, aby wychwycić wszelkie ułomności wymowy i fałsze w przemówieniach, wystąpieniach, czy zagajeniach. Teraz - jako nauczyciel emisji głosu - aktywnie słucham innych i szukam prawdy „w” i „o” ich głosie. Pomagam im również oswoić stres przed wystąpieniem publicznym i odkryć przyjemność jaką daje… MÓWIENIE

TRENER  Róża Cieślińska - Dziekiewicz
UCZESTNICY nauczyciele
JĘZYK polski
GRUPY 4-12 osób
FORMAT - na początek krótka sesja rozgrzewkowa - poznajmy się
- 2 sesje warsztatowe
- kazda sesja to 120 minut zajęć + 15 minut przerwy
- 20 minut przerwy między sesjami

21 stycznia 2017

GODZINY 10:30 - 13:00 - cz. 1 (w tym 15 minut  przerwy)
20 minut przerwy
13:20 - 15:50 - cz. 2 (w tym 15 minut  przerwy)
MIEJSCE LANG LTC, Al. Niepodległości 217/8, Warszawa
CENA 150 zł*

* Dla uczestników konferencji TWIST'16 specjalna zniżka.
Napisz do nas: odn@lang.com.pl 
ZAPISY Kliknij TUTAJ - zapisz się teraz!