How we teach


The profile and needs of our students define the aims, pace and methods of work. The student plays an active role in the adventure of learning a foreign language. Students are engaged in conversation and groupwork. Teachers plan and run their lessons in such a way as to discreetly guide their students towards their goal – developing the students’ language skills while promoting the learners’ autonomy at the same time.

Our LESSON STANDARDS provide the students with safe and predictable but flexible lesson frames: regular revision, language challenges gradually increasing in difficulty and the space to explain, reinforce and use language in communication are all guaranteed. At the same time each teacher makes sure each lesson is varied, dynamic and unique. We ensure the balance of two factors: the logical structure of each meeting and the teacher’s freedom to choose topics and techniques best suited for each student or group. This is why our courses are special.

When designing language courses and lessons we use a wide range of methods and approaches to teaching and learning English, opening ourselves up to the needs of our learners and modifying the tools we use to suit their needs.


You learn whole chunks of language (instead of isolated words), which helps you to remember new language structures. The comparison to your mother tongue allows you to see the nuances and characteristics of each foreign language.


You reinforce the new structures and their pronunciation through creative drills.


You communicate in the foreign language during the lesson, trying to figure out the meaning from context.


You immerse in the language through conversation with your teacher.


Your teachers conduct lessons in such a way that what you say during the lesson is a starting point for developing your language skills here and now, on the spot.


Foreign language lessons provide you with additional knowledge of the world and broaden your horizons.


You learn a language engaging emotions, movement, images and sounds. Lesson dynamics are adjusted to your focus and attention levels.

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